Curiosity means business.

Business growth is based on curiosity. In a complex and very competitive environment, companies with a sizable stock of imagination will be able to generate new value to customers and markets. Having curious employees that turn imagination into new products, in a very entrepreneurial manner, will be a must for companies that want to thrive. The future is the result of combining imagination and engineering.

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona has a long history of creativity and entrepreneurialism. Barcelona equals imagination. Artists like Picasso, Dalí, Miró or Plensa have been inspired by a sublime combination of climate and passion. Architects like Gaudí found in the city the conditions to develop one of the most creative eras of architecture: Modernism. More recently, “artists of the food”, like Ferran Adrià, have taken the world by storm with their injection of creativity into the most respected restaurants of the world.

Curiosity for a new education.

The future is about making good questions. While the value of answers could diminish due to artificial intelligence’s coming of age, the value of beautiful, powerful questions will only grow. Breakthroughs start with a beautiful question. And those relevant questions are always born inside a curious human mind. In a world with “smart” machines, the main opportunities for humans would be related to using the human abilities. Curiosity would be a critical among them.

The Barcelona School of Curiosity

Barcelona School of Curiosity is where people learn to become curious minds that turn imagination into business. Through examples coming from very different fields (such as business, science, arts, design, architecture, music, food, etc.). Or by learning to apply “tinkering” tools, and by experiencing the future through real examples. Through all this stimulus, participants get a positive push to become more creative.

The main aim is that the videos help participants get a new version of themselves. They get empowered to transform imagination into business. The growth of your company would be impacted for the best.

We achieve this through our Curiosity Atelier digital project as well as through workshops, both online and physical.

So let’s turn curiosity into progress.